Basic Chakra Information
No. Chakra Location Color Emotional Associations Possible problems, if unbalanced
1 Base of Spine Red I SURVIVE
Fear v.s. courage
Feeling off-balance, ungrounded, overwhelmed. Fear of poverty. Constipation or diarrhea? Anxious? Weight problem?
2 Sexual Organs or Pelvis ORANGE I CREATE
Sex and creativity.
Attachment vs. Letting Go
Fear of letting go of things; need for approval. Low or high libido? Problem sustaining employment?
3 Solar Plexus or Stomach YELLOW I CAN
Anger vs. Forgiveness
Strength of convictions
Easy to anger; difficult to forgive, drink to excess. Perfectionist? Controlling? Change is difficult
4 Heart or Chest GREEN I LOVE
Judgment vs. Love
Problem with loving self and/or others. Problem saying "no"? Emotionally distant? Problems with trust and boundaries?
Grief vs. return to Spirit
Sore throat from failure to communicate; cry easily or unemotional. Stutter? Shy? Grind your teeth?
6 Forehead: Third Eye INDIGO BLUE I SEE
self-care vs. over-indulgence
Frequent headaches or impaired vision for no apparent reason? Tendency to over-analyze? Have addictions? Lost purpose in life?
7 Top of Head VIOLET I KNOW
Spiritual vs. Ego
Disconnected from earth, self and others; flighty. Apathetic? Dogmatic? Intolerant of other views and religions?
CHAKRAS: Our Body's Energy Centers

CHAKRAS (our body's energy centers) have been verified by a recent Harvard Medical School study. Chakra is an Indian word that means wheel or center of light. The study concluded that there are colors associated with each chakra that can be used to re-balance chakras and improve their functioning by applying the color directly to the chakra location.

For instance, Aqua blue is the color associated with the throat (communications) chakra. When applied to the throat area, it may improve communications. This would be valuable if you need to have a difficult conversation with a loved one or person at work. It may also improve sales and other presentations. With this in mind, I continue to create aqua glass pendants to wear at your throat.

Similarly, I've made large green pendants to cover the heart area to improve its functioning in case of a broken heart or an unhealthy heart. According to the Harvard study, a green shirt may also be used effectively.

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Examples of Connie's Chakra Items

Examples of Connie's Chakra Items
Sun Catcher
Sun Catcher Sun Catcher Sun Catcher
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